Season Starts December 1, 2022

League Chair: Stacee Sevals/Deanna Stanley

Host for the night needs to host BEFORE and AFTER curling and complete both early and late shift duties

1 – Fox

Patti Fox

Marsha Shuda

Karen Chilson

Betsy Palmer

2 – Ostedt

Janine Ostedt

Lucy Berndt

Lori Meder

Jani Hover

3 – Ritzinger

Barb Ritzinger

Tina Henningson

Joy Biever

Becca Eder

4 – Janty

Lisa Janty

Sarah Warring

Kristi Anderson

Kathryn Langevin

5 – Ricci

Kathy Ricci

Karen Holmstrom

Kathy Patterson

Christa Jones

6 – Dundore

Karen Dundore

April Micke

Jenna Green

Laura Schutz

7 – Diedrich

Leah Diedrich

Emma Anderson

Elise Diedrich

Katie Dundore

8 – Mickelson

Carolyn Mickelson

Patty Smith

Corinne Moore

Billie Church

9 – Solum

Jackie Solum

Jessica Margan

Ava Gargulak

Ema Church