September 22, 23, and 24, 2023

$200.00 per Team Entry

Snacks, beer, soda provided. No meals served at the club.

Come and enjoy our ice and community •  3 Game Guarantee  •  Open Format

Registration will open in July 

If you have any questions, please email Bill Kind at wkind@charter.net or call (715) 736-2023

2022 Tune-Up Spiel Winners

1st Event Winner: Runing

 Mankato CC

Shawn Runing - Tyler Runing - Cole Jaeger - Justin Raymond

Runner up: Team Hebert

Eau Claire Curling Club

Caden Hebert - Jackson Bestland - Benji Paral - Jack Wendtland

2nd Event Winner: Sormunen

 Duluth Curling Club

Seppo Sormunen - Sean Gallagher - Kent Brorson - Eric Wisuri

Runner up: Eklund

Eau Claire Curling Club

Spencer Eklund - Zach Oliphant - Tyler Rongstad

3rd Event Winner: S&J

Rice Lake Curling Club

Kraig Smith - Sheldon Johnson - Mel Pearson - Tim Wold

Runner up: Crack & the Hacks

Duluth Curling Club

Jim Atol - Alyssa Atol - Gordy Atol - Craig Quitschau

4th Event Winner: Chicken Tender Defenders

Eau Claire Curling Club

Gregg Mizerk - Steven Larson - Chuck Bomar - Keith Schretenthaler

Runner up: Dukes

Madison Curling Club

Susan Dukes - Erin Kapp - Naomi Bernstein - Mary Ann Wilson