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Sunday, March 27, 2011
2011 Mixed Club Playdown Results

Thirty teams participated in the mixed end-of-year play downs from March 22-27. The theme of this year’s event was “The Academy Awards.” Teams dressed up as their favorite movie characters Friday night. The Saturday night banquet was a formal affair this year. It started with a cocktail party at the clubhouse and then proceeded to the red carpet at the Kodak Theater (Turtleback Conference Center) for dinner and the awarding of Oscars to the best costumed teams. The evening ended with dancing to “Nancy and the Back Woods Boys.” We enjoyed good food and fellowship, and above all, great curling. Thank you to everyone who participated and made it the success it was.

Your hosts: Dale and Pat Stoik and Steve and Mona Lancaster

2011 Mixed Club Playdown Results

1st Event Champions: Steve Anderson Rink
Skip: Scott Sharp, 3rd: Lea Harris, 2nd: Steve Anderson, Lead: Sadie Anderson
1st Event Runner up: Dale Stoik Rink
Skip: Dale Stoik, 3rd: Pat Stoik, 2nd Steve Lancaster, Lead: Mona Lancaster

2nd Event Champions: Andrew Morrison Rink
Skip: Andrew Morrison, 3rd: Amy Morrison, 2nd: Tony Davis, Lead: Sydney Schieffer,
2nd Event Runner up: Kraig Smith Rink
Skip: Kraig Smith, 3rd: Patty Smith, 2nd: Dick Schmidt, Lead: Deb Schmidt

3rd Event Champions: Jason Saffert Rink
Skip: Jason Saffert, 3rd: Julie McCann, 2nd: Kent McCann, Lead: Samantha Crotteau
3rd Event Runner Up: Ron Parker Rink
Skip: Ron Parker, 3rd: Carolyn Mickelson, 2nd: Bob Brunner, Lead: Brenda Brunner,

4th Event Champions: Bob Stanonick Rink
Skip: Bob Stanonick, 3rd: Karen Dundore, 2nd: Doug Huebner, Lead: Kelly McRaith
4th Event Runner up: Steve Ostedt Rink
Skip: Steve Ostedt, 3rd: Janine Ostedt, 2nd Justin Wosepka, Lead: Selene Lehman

MANY images of the "Event" can be found in the Photo Gallery ! "ENJOY"



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