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Sunday, April 4, 2010
Children of Dave Manske Make Club Donation

Dear Members,
The following message was shared during the Mugspiel banquet and at the spring membership meeting. I think itís important enough to share with members who were not in attendance at those events.

In the fall of 2008, fellow member David Manske passed away. His contributions to the Club were numerous and still very easy to see everyday. He often shared his professional knowledge and expertise in heating and cooling. He developed and coordinated implementation of the compressor heat recovery system in place today. That system recovers the heat generated by our compressors, originally vented outside and wasted, and uses it to heat the rink area. Depending on the price of natural gas, the system saves the Rice Lake Curling Club approximately $3000 annually in rink area heating costs. No other curling club in WI utilizes such a system.

You know what he did to improve the Club, but I ask you, how well did you know David Manske? Some of you knew him well, others maybe not at all. I will be the first to admit, other than curling against him maybe a dozen times, I did not know him well. He seemed like an overall quiet and kind man. More recently his family has shared another side of David.

Daveís three grown children; Jared, Kyle and Alissa, all currently reside in Colorado. They tell the story of a Dad who loved the Rice Lake Curling Club and often spoke of it when they visited or called. They recall, ďhe loved spending his days at the Rice Lake Curling Club." Looking for a way to honor and memorialize their father, they all agreed there was no better place than the Rice Lake Curling Club.

In early March, a letter arrived from the Manske children. Inside the envelope was a simple message; please use the enclosed donation as you see best fit to honor our Dad, David Manske, as he loved spending time at the Curling Club. The donation amount was $5000.

I was surprised and shocked at the generosity of their gesture. They did not have to do this, remember, they donít even reside in Rice Lake anymore. Then the real meaning of this came to me.

Whether you know it or not, this place, the Rice Lake Curling Club, means more than you can imagine to a whole lot of people. Our club is more than just a semi-faded pole shed that houses ice. During the season it fills with people and more importantly the life stories of those people. Whether you know it or not, this place touches and changes lives, hopefully for the better. Jared, Kyle and Alissa are trying to tell us, the Rice Lake Curling Club touched their fatherís life, please remember that and him.
Chad Alberg



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