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Friday, December 11, 2009
A Welcome Back Message.

Welcome to the beginning of another exciting season at the Rice Lake Curling Club. By now, most of you have curled at least twice, lost once and hopefully paid your dues.

I would like to extend a special welcome to our new or returning curlers, all 41 of them. Yes, you read that right, 41 new or returning members. That compares to 29 new members for the 2008-09 season. But letís give credit where credit is due. Our Learn to Curl class thru WITC and our instructors Larry Sharp and Bill Kind deserve a share of the thanks for this membership bump. The rest of the thanks should be delivered to all those members who went out and introduced this sport to someone. Our membership is still the #1 recruiting tool we have.

This wouldnít be a proper opening season message without a plug for our invitational bonspiels. First and foremost, the Stein Spiel is unquestionably our trademark event of the year and arrives in less than one month. Your hosts this year, Greg and Linda Dahl and co-hosts Leo and Connie Diehl, would appreciate support from the entire club, not just the mixed leagues. After all, the reputation we acquire and the income we generate benefit everyone, not just a single league. Be generous and supportive when the time comes to contribute.

I hope everyone was able to be present during their respective opening league night welcome back speech. I know, I know, but I guarantee if we did not disseminate that information, complaints would be generated about the lack of communication coming from within. That being said, every member should thank Greg Dahl for the amount of time and energy required to do that for 6 nights. Also, I have heard nothing but positive comments about the pictures and associated board he spends numerous hours on to complete. It takes only 10 seconds to snap a picture, but hours of behind the scene time to complete what we see on the board. The amount of above and beyond service Greg contributes to this club in terms of everything he does, not just at the beginning of the season, is absolutely invaluable.

Please take the time to find and thank him the next time you see him. Iíll give you a hint as to where you can find him most nights for about a five month stretch. I know one thing, itís much easier to hand him a website posting than the process I just used.

Good Curling

Chad Alberg



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