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Thursday, April 2, 2009
Darwin "Dish" Destache Awards Presented

Darwin "Dish" Destache Service Award

We added two members to the elite group of members honored by receiving the “Darwin Destache” award for long standing service to the Rice Lake Curling Club. Below is a “brief” list of the things they worked on to achieve this honor.

Larry Anderson

Larry started curling around 1978 and as soon as he started he became interested in working to improve what ever he could. He was involved early on in the achievement of improving our facility with the addition of artificial ice in 1983 and took pictures of the first water flowing on to our mat system to make that ice. He was there when we burned and there when we met to rebuild. He donated equipment and many many man hours of himself and his crew in the rebuilding of our new facility. His crew worked to roof the new building when Larry had other jobs that they could be doing. He has always been in the back ground working on what ever project we could find and was instrumental in driving many of them. Larry was President of our club from 1999-2001 and presided over our first attempt of a national championship the mixed nationals and they were a huge success. Larry pushed for having an office in the club and after changing the locker room around was successful and he has sat in that office as our club manager ever since. Larry does get paid for being club manager but that little bit that he is paid doesn’t cover even a portion of the time that he spends trying to keep our club in top condition. Larry is always there when we need something and has worked with many different presidents to accomplish the goals of those individuals. This is a small resume’ of a very qualified individual for this very prestigious award. Congratulations Larry.

Greg Dahl

Greg, the second award winner, is another individual who saw a need and became involved in what needed to get done to achieve success in our club. Whatever needed to be done Greg has been there but the big things that he has succeeded in have been on the less glamorous things, but things that absolutely had to be done for our continued success. Greg took over the tedious job of running our men’s leagues several years ago and also runs the Wednesday night league. These are tough jobs with sometimes very controversial issues to work with. His claim to fame, though, really is in his office of communications director. Greg was president from 1993-95 and he insisted on having the ability to communicate with our membership. Over the years since he has done that with great vitality and has improved on the ways of doing it. He chaired several committees that rewrote the RLCC handbook, wrote a new guideline for the chair people of our many bonspiels and helped develop a system of records to help chair people so no one has to reinvent how to run a spiel. These are not easy tasks and took countless hours to develop. The education committee also has been run and administered by Greg and now we know what to expect at the beginning of the season in regard to what is expected of us. Greg’s latest, and maybe greatest, claim to fame, would undoubtedly be all of the work that he has put into developing the website that you are reading this on. The countless hours with the board, the host company and his own time at work and at home are unbelievable. These hours are all hidden from view but believe me they are there and he deserves great credit for what he has done and is doing. All the updates and keeping this website up to date are ongoing and he does a tremendous job at doing it.

Congratulations Greg on receiving this prestigious award and keep up the good work.

As I said earlier this is only a brief synopsis of the great accomplishments and work of these two members. They deserve more credit and praise than I can give them. Please thank them if you see them for all of their time and effort.

Thank You

Larry Sharp

Past President



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