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Wednesday, November 19, 2008
Couples Honored with Lifetime Membership

Occasionally our club honors members who have donated great amounts of time and energy to the benefit of our organization. This Honorary Membership is given after great thought and is nominated by the board of directors and then voted on by the general membership at our annual meeting. With this honor comes lifetime membership in our club so these few members will not be required to pay dues for the time they remain curling.

This year your board nominated two couples to this small group and they were voted in by the general membership at our fall meeting. They were Tom and Shirley Thurston, and Bill and Barb Burdick.

Tom and Shirley started curling in our original two sheet club at the fairgrounds some 35-40 years ago. They have curled with many new curlers over the years to teach them the sport and the way to have a great time in our great club. When we look out at the ice Toms’ signature is at the end each sheet, as he was the one who made our score boards. He also made the hose reel for our flooding hose which is a great benefit to the ice keepers. Tom and Shirley hosted one of our first mixed spiels and have been heavily involved with the working of our club ever since they joined. They are truly the definition of what a Rice Lake curler is with their participation and hard work in the operation of our organization.

Bill and Barb Burdick are one of the last of the charter members in our club. They were great friends of the Destache family and when Darwin started to talk about getting a club started, Bill just fell into line with him and they got it going. Bill always has a plan to get something done and has done a great deal at all three of our curling buildings. If you look out on the ice it was his idea to make the cup holders for Red and Yellow stones so that we know whose drink is whose when you put your beer down. He really should sell these to every other club in the country. Bill was the AV director at the RL High School and when we started to talk about putting in our cameras and monitors so we could see what was going on at the other end, Bill said I can do that. He not only installed the cameras and monitors but he also donated them to the club. Barb and Bill have curled in all the leagues over the years and brought many new members to the club and are a great asset to our group.

To entire club congratulates both couples of this well deserved award.



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