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Club Usage and Curling Experience

Facilities Available
Clubroom/Viewing Room
This informal space overlooking the curling ice area can handle up to 100 people seated at round tables. It includes tables, chairs with gas fireplace and 2 flat screen TV’s with satellite connection.

The kitchen has a large counter for serving food and includes a commercial oven (but use is limited to Range top) as well as a large refrigerator and walk in cooler.

Curling Area
The curling area has 4 sheets of ice and is heated to about 40 degrees. This area is limited to 32 people per curling session. If curling is part of your rental, each participant must sign (or have a parent or guardian sign if under 18) the INJURY WAIVER PARTICIPANT RELEASE prior to entering the ice area.

Rest Rooms
Men and Women’s rest rooms are available.

Locker Room
Dressing rooms attached to locker room are also available.

Ample, off street parking is available at the facility.

Beverages - Food
If your event would like to utilize club beverages, arrangements must be made ahead of time with the RLCC Manager. If no agreement is in place prior to the event, you must provide your own beverages. Food and snacks are to be provided by renter unless arrangements are made with the RLCC Manager.

Audio/Visual Equipment
  • Renter may bring their own audio/visual equipment
  • Internet/Phone Access
  • Wireless internet access is available – password is available
  • Check with the Club Manager for details

Club Rental
RLCC Member
Rental Rate $40.00

As a member of the Rice Lake Curling Club, you can reserve the Club facility on dates that are not already scheduled.

Check the Club Calendar first to make sure your date is available.

Click to View Club Calendar

Once you have established a date...

  • Complete the Facility Rental Form. Once this form is submitted the Club Manager will review to make sure there are no conflicts and email you a confirmation.
  • Print the confirmation and send in with your fee.

 Member Facility Rental Form

Club Member Responsibilities
  • No one is allowed in the curling area without a member of the RLCC present.
  • No one is allowed in the curling area for any usage when it’s not covered with ice to protect the painted surface (floor).
  • No smoking is allowed.
  • No food or drinks allowed in the curling area.
  • Renter is responsible for having all curling participants sign the INJURY WAIVER PARTICIPANT RELEASE before entering the curling area.
  • Appropriate dress for 40* temperature in the curling area..
  • A CLEAN, second pair of shoes is required and should be carried into the facility. No street shoes are allowed in the curling area.
  • Renter is responsible for all lost items and/or damage to property.
  • RLCC member renters must meet the cleaning guidelines below.
  • As sand and salt are extremely detrimental to curling operations, none is used on the parking lot or walkways. Renters are encouraged to use caution in the parking lot.

Use and Cleaning Guidelines

Kitchen Usage Rules
  • Renters are responsible to provide all consumable products: food, paper towels, plates, napkins, plastic forks, etc.
  • Food preparation and related use of kitchen equipment by non-member renter must be approved by the RLCC prior to the event.
  • Clean and wipe tables and countertops.
  • Wash and return to the cupboards all roasters/crock pots, club plates, utensils and silverware.
  • Clean all food out of refrigerator or walk-in cooler that was brought in.
  • Empty ice buckets and leave open to dry.
  • Empty all garbage and waste baskets that are used: carry trash out to the dumpster.
  • Sweep kitchen floor, and mop if needed.
  • If the stove is used; clean and leave as found, including oven, grill top and grease tray.
  • If cloth towels/dish cloths are used, wash and return them to the club as soon as possible. Leave a note stating who has them and when they will be returned.
  • If coffee make is used. make sure that the hot plates are turned off and remove coffee grounds

Club Usage Rules
  • Return all tables to their regular positions.
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Remove any decorations used or hung around the room.
  • Shut off all lights, except the small fluorescent above the north bar.
  • Check and clean restrooms if necessary, cleaning supplies are under sinks.
  • Make sure that the north door is locked.
  • Make sure that the main entrance is locked.
  • Renter-provided decorations must be removed. NOTICE: No RLCC wall hangings, decorations, or displays will be removed from the walls.
  • The club should be left in the same condition as when the group or event arrived. Please report any equipment problems or broken items to club manager.

Ice Usage rules
  • The ice area is off limits for any usage when not covered with ice, to protect the painted surface.
  • All participants must be covered by legal waiver.
  • Each participant to have dedicated shoes, cleaned prior to entering ice area, instructions per group leader.
  • No food or glass on ice; Only beverage may be water.
  • Clean ice per instructions when done.
  • No running or horseplay on ice.
  • No slider on shoe unless delivering rocks.
Curling Experience
Available September 1 through March 15th

Nonprofit, Fraternal, Community, Government, and Higher Education Institutions
Rental Rate $150.00

Private Parties, Business and Corporate Groups
Rental Rate $250.00

The Rice Lake Curling Club welcomes the public by offering to share curling’s traditions, etiquette, and sportsmanship with the local and area community. Our clubroom may be rented for business meetings, corporate/employee team building outings, and private parties. Your use of the facility must include a curling experience – demonstration and/or training and curling. A RICE LAKE CURLING CLUB MEMBER will be assigned to host your event and to assist with training and the on-ice chance to “play the game”. Rental is subject to availability.

Check the Club Calendar first to make sure your date is available.

Click to View Club Calendar

Once you have established a date...
  • Complete the Facility Rental Form below. Once this form is submitted, the Club Manager will review to make sure there are no conflicts and that there are club members available to assist with your curling experience. The Club Manager will email you a confirmation or if there is a conflict, work with you to figure out an alternative.
  • Print the confirmation and send in with your fee.

RLCC Responsibilities

  • Provide minimum of one member in attendance during rental period.
  • Provide adequate trainers for curling sessions.
  • Provide a clean and organized facility.
  • Provide any needed parking and walkway snow removal
Curling Experience
School PE Classes
Available September 1 through March 15th