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Updated 9-2011

RLCC Guidelines for use of Club Room

The members of the Rice Lake Curling Club are proud of the facility many call their second home. During the off-season, or when not in league use, members are welcome to utilize the clubhouse room for private events. This privilege comes with certain expectations and responsibilities of the user.

Request to use the club room must be presented in advance to the Club Webmaster. Unless an exception has been made, those requesting use of the club should be a current dues paying member and at least one current member must be present during its use. The RLCC can not allow non-member use.

Effective October 1, 2011, most events for non-curling related club room use will be assessed a $30 fee. Check with the Webmaster or President to see if this fee applies to your event.

If your event would like to utilize club beverages, arrangements must be made ahead of time with the club manager. If no agreement is in place prior to event, you must provide your own beverages.

The user must adhere to the following guidelines:


1) Clean and wipe tables and counter tops.

2) Consumable products like paper towels, plates, napkins, and plastic forks should be provided by the user.

3) All club plates, utensils and silverware used must be washed and returned to cupboard.

4) Roasters or crock pots may be used but must be washed, preferably in the bar sink and returned to cupboards. Do not remove from building.

5) Do not leave food in the refrigerator or walk-in cooler when finished.

6) Empty ice buckets and leave open to dry.

7) All garbage and wastebaskets used must be emptied and carried out to the dumpster.

8) Kitchen floor swept, mopped if needed.

9) If the stove is used, it must be cleaned and left as found, including oven, grill top and grease tray.

10) If cloth towels or dish cloths are used, they must be washed and returned as soon as possible. A note should be left as to who has them and when they will be returned.

11) If used, check that the coffee maker hot plates are off and remove grounds.

Main Room:

1. All tables should be returned to there regular positions and chairs tucked under.

2. Vacuum carpeted areas.

3. Rest rooms checked and cleaned if necessary.

4. Empty any used trash containers and replace bags, empty full recycling bins.

5. Remove any decorations used or hung about the room.

6. Shut off all lights, except the small fluorescent above the north bar. Check restroom lights also.

7. Check that the north door is locked.

8. Lock the main entrance and double check on exit.

In short, the club should be left in better condition than when your group or event arrived. Please report any equipment problems or broken items to the club manager Larry Anderson.

Recent Board Action/Clarification on Local Bonspiel "Participants"

There seems to be "discussion" virtually every year over the topic of who can and cannot curl in the year end "local" bonspiels.....and at what cost? In an attempt to clarify and/or simplify the "policy" the following motion was passed at the March 10, 2009 board meeting. Please understand that everyone on the board encourages all present/past/and "future" members to curl in our year end events. This policy is to "clarify"...it is not intended to discourage participation.

The policy: "In order to particapate in the year end bonspiels of the RLCC one must (1) be a dues paying member in good standing for the current season or (2) have 'substitute' curled and paid existing sub fees a minimum of 5 times during the season or (3) paid the existing Associate Member Dues (which is presently $30)."





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