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Ice Etiquette

Ice etiquetteCurling has always been known for the prevalence of good sportsmanship among its members as well as for the friendly courteous rivalry that exists on the ice. While most of the courtesies suggested below will not be found in rule books, they are practiced by all curlers who understand the true spirit and traditions of curling.

1. It is imperative that you be ready to go on the ice prior to your scheduled game time.
Remember, seven others are waiting on you.

2. Never go onto the ice without first cleaning your boots on the mats provided for this purpose. Dirt tracked onto the ice by players impedes the running of the stones.

3. It is everyone's responsibility to keep their sheet of ice clean and free of loose broom straws, lint, etc. However, it is unlawful to remove any foreign object from beneath a moving stone or from one that has come to rest.

4. Begin and end every curling game with a hearty handshake of friendship and goodwill to both teammates and opponents.

5. Be ready to throw your stone immediately after your opponents stone has been delivered, making sure it has been wiped clean.

6. Do not move about or talk while anyone else is delivering their stone.

7. Each Skip should let the other three members of his/her team know what he/she is planning to do prior to delivering stones. In other words, let them in on the strategy.

8. Sweepers should be on the sidelines - alert and ready to sweep immediately, if called upon; and they must stay with the stone all the way to the house sweeping or not. They must return to the area between the two hog lines and remain on the sidelines until a member of their rink is again ready to throw.

9. The expression of "Ice!" is similar to "Fore!" in golf and means you are blocking the path of a stone or view of a curler and you should move to the side of the ice.

10. No food or beverages are allowed on the ice.

11. Skips and Thirds should keep their brooms behind them in the house and stand still while opponents are throwing.

12. No one should deliberately delay the game.

13. If you have personally fouled a moving stone, be the first one to so declare and it will be removed from the ice immediately.

14. If you have personally moved a stationary stone, say so immediately so that it may be replaced (put into original position) to the satisfaction of the opposing Skip.

15. Please review and learn all the current Curling Rules, paying particular attention to the specific duties of your position.

16. Skips should stress to their team constant instruction throughout the season, including the points of ice etiquette.

17. Congratulate opposing players, as well as members or your own rink, when they have made a good shot. Never, by word or deed, be guilty of any action that would embarrass a player who has missed a shot.

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