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Curling Terminology

BACK LINE The line across the back of the house. Stones that completely cross this line are not in play.

BITER A stone touching, but not fully in the house.

BLANK END A scoreless end- no stones resting in the house.

BONSPIEL A tournament among a number of curling teams.

BROOM A sweeping device made of corn straw, animal hair, or synthetic material used in a swinging or scrubbing motion.

BURNED STONE A stone that is touched by a player or his equipment, usually during sweeping. Players touching a stone must notify skips immediately.

BUTTON The scoring circle in the exact center of the house, measuring one foot in diameter.

CENTER LINE A line running down the middle of the sheet of ice.

CURLING GLOVES Gloves designed specifically for curling to keep hands warm while providing maximum sensitivity. May be insulated or not.

CURLING SHOES Insulated shoes designed to keep feet warm while providing a smooth, even contact surface between a curler's feet and ice. Most have the slider built into the shoe.

DRAW 1. A played stone which comes to rest in the house 2. a schedule of curling games to be played (draw sheet/draw time)

EIGHT FOOT The scoring circle in the house, which is 8 feet in diameter

END The alternate playing of 16 stones in one direction by opposing teams; a game consists of 8 or 10 ends.

FALL Slanted ice that causes a stone to move in a sideways direction opposite to the thrown turn.

FOUR FOOT The scoring circle in the house, which is 4 feet in diameter.

FREE GUARD ZONE The area from hog line to tee line excluding the house. No stones in this area may be removed from play until after the fourth stone of the end comes to rest.

FREEZE A played stone which stops against the face of another stone.

GUARD A stone positioned in such a manner as to protect another stone, or potentially provide protection for a stone played later in the end.

HACK A foot hold in the ice from which the person delivering the stone pushes off.

HAMMER Slang term for last rock advantage in an end.

HEAVY A stone delivered with more than the desired weight (traveling too quickly).

HEAVY ICE An ice condition where more effort is required to move the stone down the ice. Also referred to as "slow ice".

HOG LINE A line on the ice 33 feet from the back line.

HOGGED STONE A delivered stone that does not completely cross the farther hog line - it must be removed from play, unless it has made contact with a stone already in play.

HOUSE The scoring area of concentric circles, the outermost being 12 feet in diameter. There is one house at each end of the sheet of ice.

IN-TURN The hand and arm action which causes the stone to rotate - for a stone delivered by a right-handed player, a clockwise spin is imparted to the stone; a left-handed player imparts a counter clock-wise spin.

KEEN ICE An ice condition where the stone draws to the tee line with less effort by the player. Also referred to as "fast ice".

LAST ROCK The advantage gained by the team throwing the last stone in an end. Determined in the first end by a coin toss, or predetermined in the draw. In later ends, the team that scored in one end throws the first stone in the next end, giving the opponents the last rock advantage.

LEAD The player who throws the first two stones for his/her team each end.

LIGHT A stone delivered with less than the desired weight (traveling too slowly).

NARROW A delivered stone that is thrown "inside" the target line from the hack area to the skip's broom.

OUT-TURN The hand and arm action which causes a stone to rotate - for a stone delivered by a right-handed player, a counter clock-wise spin is imparted; a left handed player imparts a clock-wise spin.

PEBBLE Water droplet sprinkled on the ice surface prior to the game. Once frozen, they become the surface over which the stones glide.

SLIDER A slick piece of Teflon or metal worn underneath the sliding foot while delivering a stone.

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