About RLCC

During the winter of 1967-68, approximately 20 couples, including 4-6 individuals who had curled previously, joined in the cattle barn of the Barron County Fairgrounds, and began what is now known as the Rice Lake Curling Club.  Two sheets of ice between the rows of stanchions were flooded with a truck that, in warmer weather, sprinkled water down the race track.  All scraping was done by hand,  The "warming house" was a modified school bus that Vonasek & Schieffer construction workers used for a lunch area.  The State Curling Association loaned the club second-hand rocks, and 16 brooms were made out of broom handles and carpet.  In 1976-77, after an addition was completed to make the rinks the correct length and a viewing room was added, the club moved into the 4-H building.  The same year also saw the acquisition of a double-wide trailer for a clubhouse, complete with indoor bathrooms! That same season, the RLCC hosted its first mixed invitational bonspiel.  On August 1 of 1988, the building burned to the ground.  With the hard work and dedication of the membership, the impossible was accomplished; the building that now houses one of Wisconsin's largest and most modern curling clubs was financed, constructed and ready for curling for that 1988-89 season !!

Rice Lake Curling Club

Board Members

Kathy Ricci

Term: May 2019 to May 2021

Phone: 715-790-1122 Work: 715-736-4743



Kraig Smith

Phone 715-931-0648

Tina Herrera

Phone 715-497-4599


Mel Pearson
Term May 2017 - May 2020

Phone 715-205-7199


Phil Henkel
Term May 2017 - May 2020

Phone 715-651-1924

Dane Jensen
Term: May 2018 - May 2021
Phone 715-269-2716

Mark Turner
Term May 2018 - May 2021
Phone 715-205-1265

Deanna Stanley
Term: May 2019 - May 2022
Phone 715-296-2716

Colin Tomesh
Term: May 2019 - May 2022
Phone 715-651-8583

Jim Berndt
Til May 2020
Phone 715-296-1139


Club Manager

Larry Anderson

Phone 715-205-3183

Website Manager

Kristina Zengaffinen

Phone 715-642-2907

Ice Keepers  

Eric Severson

Phone 715-205-5515

Scott Sharp

Phone 715-234-4995

League Chairpersons:

Early League – Ty Grueztmacher

Sunday Night Men’s - John Mickesh

Monday Night Men’s – Ben Knepper

Tuesday Night Open Split Season– Rick Sharp

Wednesday Night Mixed – Jim and Lucy Berndt

Thursday Morning Practice – Bill Kind

Thursday Night Women’s – Kathy Laffin

Friday Night Open – Tim and Deb Wold

Saturday Morning - 5 and Under Practice – Mark and Marsha Shuda

Standing Committees:
Ice Committee
Bill Kind, Eric Severson and Scott Sharp
Bd mbr: Dane Jensen
Draw Committee
Bill Kind, Larry Anderson and John Mickesh
Bd mbr: Mark Turner
Educational/Communication Committee
Bill Kind, and Mark Shuda
Bd mbr: Deanna Stanley
Sign Committee
Larry Anderson
Bd mbr: Mel Pearson
Junior Committee
Deb Schmidt, Don Drost and Sarah Turner
Bd mbr: Phil Henkel
Building Committee
Bob Stanonik 
Bd mbr: Colin Tomesh

Are you interested in serving on the Board? We hold elections every spring. Please contact Kathy Ricci for more information.