To the Rice Lake Curling Club
During the winter of 1967-68, approximately 20 couples, including 4-6 individuals who had curled previously, 
joined in the cattle barn of the Barron County Fairgrounds, and began what is now known as the Rice Lake Curling Club. On August 1 of 1988, 
the Rice Lake Curling Club burned to the ground. With the hard work and dedication of the membership, the impossible was accomplished; the building that now houses one of Wisconsin's largest and most modern curling clubs was financed, constructed and ready for curling for that 1988-89 season!


Rice Lake Curling Club's
The Curl for a Cure "Jug Spiel"
A USWCA Circuit Event.

Our 16th Annual Women's competitive curling
event is a fundraiser for Pink Ribbon Advocacy, a non-profit foundation assisting women fighting breast cancer.

November 10-12, 2017
$200.00 per Team Entry Fee
Registration deadline is Nov. 1
3-Game Guarantee

For more information, contact:
Kathy Laffin at 715-434-6003 or 715-931-0637
Click for Hotel Information in the Rice Lake Area.

Tune-up Spiel Registration is Closed



A big THANK YOU to all who worked
this past weekend.

Many of you signed up for a shift, plus, worked additional shifts.
Some didn’t get signed-up but helped out anyways.


Playdown results
Thank you to everyone who made this years playdowns a great success! Good Curling and we will see you next season! 

Men's Playdown Results: Team Hudson 1st Event Champions 
Team Berndt 1st Event Runners Up

RLCC High School Bonspiel Results
Twenty four teams from area high schools competed in a high school curling bonspiel on March 1st 2017. A team from Rice Lake claimed the championship with a Cameron team as the runner up. 

Congratulations to all who participated, and THANK YOU to all who volunteered to make this a successful event!!

Winners of Champion Event: Rice Lake High School (seated L to R)

Owen Hultman; Garrett Solum; Micael Bihrle; Nick Crisler

Runner Ups of Champion Event: Cameron High School (seated L to R)

Hunter Gillett; Cole Johnson; Ty Bernard; Mitchell Sanborn

Winners of Second Event: Rice Lake High School (Seated L to R)

Luke Fleming; Cody Willger; Jake Bugella; Alex Britton

Runners up of Second Event: Cameron High School (Standing L to R)

Jake Bailey; Anthony Putnam; Remington Davison; Victor Martinez

Winners of Third Event: Rice Lake High School (Seated L to R)

Amanda Stone; Ella Ellenson; Emmett Mitchell; Easton Pierce

Runners Up of Third Event: Rice Lake High School (StandingR L to R)

Sarah DeYarmeaer; Nika Zieroth; Kayla Rudolf; Wyatt Hendryx

Winners of Fourth Event: Cameron High School ( Seated L to R)

Ryan Hanson; Ryley Hanson; Nate Fostvedt; Michael Maresca

Runners Up:  Cameron High School (standing L to R)

Rachel Gillett; Shayla Schwingle; Gabby Thompson; Ashlee Drew

Congratulations to Wisconsin State Senior Men's Master Division Champions: Team Ron Parker of RLCC!!
The 2017 Wisconsin State Senior Men's Curling Championships were held in Madison, WI January 27th to the 29th. Team Ron Parker includes Bill Wiberg, Wes Mohns and Bob Stanonik.

Celebrating 50 Years of Curling this season!!

NEW CURLING STONES Purchased by Rice Lake Curling Club: 
To the curling club membership,
After years of discussion, investigation and comparisons the ice committee contacted the RLCC board of directors to get permission to dig into the possibility of replacing our curling stones with new stones.  The board agreed that it may be a good time to at least investigate that possibility.

I started the investigation on the web to find out as much as I could about the different type of curling stones and the advantages and disadvantages of each of the different types of stone the rocks were made of and the best types of running surfaces. 

We were well aware of the cost of taking on this type of change for our club and really wanted to make sure that if we decided to move ahead we would make the right decision.  Our primary goal was to look at the benefit to our club today and for the next 25 to 50 years of our club.  Being the 50th anniversary of our club also played a small part in our investigation.

A little history of our existing stones played an important part of this project as well.  We have two sets of stones that we have no idea how old they are as we purchased them from a defunct club when we built our new club in 1988.  These stones have served us very well for the 28 years we have used them.  We then purchased two new sets 26 years ago.  We looked at both the running surfaces and the strike bands of these stones and realized that they really needed to have the strike bands worked on soon or they would not be able to be worked on at all.  That being said they would also not be worth trading in either.

Now we moved to looking at purchasing new stones with trade in and found we could do this quite reasonably if we were to trade ours in now.  This option will give us four sheets of the same rocks so there will be little or no difference from one sheet to the other.  These will have new handles and blue hone inset running surfaces for great performance.  With the blue hone running surface we get the best quality running surface available and the red trefor granite strike bands are the highest quality granite for strike bands so we will have the best of both worlds making a great upgrade to our existing stones.

With the price and delivery that we have guaranteed we made a recommendation to the board of directors to purchase new stones for the future of the Rice Lake Curling Club.

Rice Lake Ice committee
Larry Sharp
Scott Sharp
Bill Kind